Thursday, June 4, 2009

Opening the Thread

We hit the trifecta for gay marriage with strong statements of support from mayoral candidates Peter Cammarano, Dawn Zimmer and Governor Jon Corzine

That's the good news. Here's the bad.

Cammarano's efforts to keep his machine's dirty tricks at arms length are coming across as shrill and disingenuous.

Cammarano knows that the 527s behind the smear-mail are part of the same machinations now propping up his campaign. These practices are standard operating procedure among more ethically-challenged campaign apparatchik.

If Cammarano wanted to put integrity behind his rhetoric of reform, he'd start by being transparent and forthright about his ties to entrenched special interests in local real estate development, old-boy politics, and insurance brokerage. These lobbies have coddled the candidate, placing his run for mayor at odds with the actions needed to advance real change for Hoboken.

Meanwhile Keith Carbone, the machine operative allegedly behind the attack mailers from the Astroturf group "Building America Committee," has dropped from the radar.

Friend me Keith, please.


  1. Who's running push polling calls? Phone pollster refused to ID campaign that paid for her biased mayoral poll. She then hung up after I pressed.

    Since it's a machine tactic I suspect this came from Cammarano's camp or via one of his bosses.

  2. Zimmer camp states that Cammarano's party boss endorsements have promises attached to them. Likely scenario.

  3. All politico's have strings attached, that's why it is called politics. just ask the moms in green tee shirts

  4. The trick is making sure we all know who they're beholden to and for what. This would indicate that Cammarano has made some promises that aren't in the public's interest:

    If true, those are some bad strings